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Florida State Licensing Requirem

Florida State Licensing Requirements

1. Applicants must be 18 years of age

2. Applicants must have a High School Diploma or GED

3. Applicants must take and pass with a 70% the FREC approved Pre-License Education for Sales Associates. A completed application must be filed with the State Division of Real Estate, which includes fingerprint scan. (State applications should be filed as soon as possible and may be filed prior to completion of the course)

4. Once the State has received a completed application, you will be granted permission and given instructions to schedule a test with a private testing company. YOU MUST SUBMIT A PASSING "GRADE REPORT" WITH YOUR APPLICATION OR TO THE TESTING SERVICE ON THE DAY OF YOUR TEST.

5. The State exam is a computerized test. You must pass with a 75%.

6. Broker Applicants must qualify as a Sales Associate. The Post License for Sales Associate Course must be completed and proof will be required before qualifying for the Broker test. Taking and passing the Pre-License for Broker Course with a 70% is required prior to taking the State Exam. A 75% grade must be acquired to pass the State Brokers Exam.

7. If you are a Licensee in another state, you may qualify in a different way. Contact the Giumenta School of Real Estate for information.

8. All DBPR Applications are available online at